Rohan Harita Specifications

Rohan Harita specifications tell us about the apartments' materials, features, and design. Rohan Builders shares these details with people who might want to buy the apartments. These specifications are helpful guides for everyone involved in building, selling, or renting the apartments. They ensure everyone knows what to expect and what's included in the apartments.

These are the Rohan Harita specifications, which describe various details:


  • RCC Framed structure with Solid concrete blockwork masonry walls.


  • Vitrified tiles in the foyer, living, dining, corridors, bedrooms, kitchen & utility.
  • Ceramic tiles in the balcony, bathrooms.


  • Main door frame in timber and laminated flush shutter.
  • Internal doors – wooden frames and laminated flush shutters.
  • UPVC/Aluminum frames and sliding shutters for all external doors, or a combination of both wherever required.

Plumbing and Sanitary

  • EWCs and chrome plated fittings.
  • Chrome-plated tap with shower mixer.
  • All toilets with countertop washbasins with suspended pipeline in all toilets concealed within a false ceiling.
  • Rainwater Harvesting drain pipes included.


  • Grid Power from BESCOM for all units.
  • All electrical wiring is concealed in PVC-insulated copper wires with modular switches of reputed make.
  • DG POWER – 100% backup for all Apartments at additional cost.


  • Lifts of suitable size and capacity will be provided in all towers.
  • Round-the-clock security with intercom facility.
  • CCTV Camera at all vantage points.

In Pune, Rohan Builders is known for providing luxurious homes, and their new project, Rohan Harita, in west Pune's Rohan Tathawade, continues this tradition. This prelaunch project combines modern comfort, innovative design, and a great location close to Rohan Tathawade. Let's look at the Rohan Harita specifications that make it stand out in real estate.

They use top-quality electrical equipment from well-known brands, featuring modular switches and sockets. All apartments have backup power from a generator, TV, and telephone points in the living room. Bedrooms are equipped with AC points, and all bathrooms have geyser provisions. The bathrooms are fitted with high-quality sanitary ware and CP fittings.

The homes are designed with modern technology and high standards. The main door is sturdy and secure. Windows and balcony doors are made from excellent materials and have bug mesh screens. The kitchen includes a polished granite counter, stainless steel sink, and drainboard. High-quality flooring materials are used in the living areas, kitchen, foyer, and bedrooms, with laminated wooden flooring in the main bedroom for an elegant touch.

Rohan Harita provides top-notch infrastructure, including an excellent water supply, a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant, an organic waste converter, groundwater recharging pits, and rainwater harvesting units. It's a highly anticipated project in North Pune, offering residents a luxurious lifestyle with impressive features.

Apartment specifications are important documents for both buyers and builders. They ensure that apartments meet quality and functionality standards. These specifications bring clarity and transparency to real estate transactions, helping buyers make informed choices and builders stick to agreed-upon standards during construction or renovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Rohan Harita's specifications?

The project's specifications detail the apartment's materials, features, and design elements, ensuring transparency and quality standards.

2. What about the bathroom fittings of the project?

The bathrooms have good-quality stuff like sinks and taps from well-known brands. You can also fit geysers in all the bathrooms.

3. How's the kitchen at the project?

The kitchen has a shiny granite counter and a strong stainless steel sink.

4. How does Rohan Harita contribute to the environment?

Rohan Harita has a special plant to treat sewage, a machine that turns food waste into useful stuff, places to collect rainwater, and pits to put water back in the ground. It's all about being eco-friendly.

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